Our services cover the entire process of an engineering e-mobility project development, from the designing phase, through integration to advanced testing and simulations. The advent of electric technology has increased the complexity of vehicles and systems within. Our multi-annual experience in cross-functional sectors and our flexible modelling solutions enable our customer to have access to a safe and reliable electric powertrain for its products. In combination with our partners, Privé has contributed a considerable number of innovative powertrain solutions used by premium OEMs, mechanical earth movers and agricultural machinery manufacturers. Our flexible approach enables you to create innovative products while efficiently managing this added complexity Our typical workflow approach covers the different and consecutive phases, but according to the customer needs only a part of those can be carried out with our support:

Concept Phase

In the concept phase we use to gather data about the vehicle requirements from our customer and process them into technical specifications, creating the preliminary design and the bill of Materials. Moreover, we can provide services for the suppliers scouting and oversee the project planning. In our idea only a well-targeted, ambitious and deliberate R&D can bring the expected results, to do so we use to work together with our customer since the beginning.

Development Phase

The second step is the development of the project, where thanks to multi-annual experience in cross-functional sectors we can support you from the electric and mechanical design but also, where requested, to the physical assembly of the prototypes in our workshop.

Test & Validation Phase

In the last step of our typical workflow we can perform a whole test campaign, including functional test, reliability and durability test with a complete documentation as work output. The aim is to guarantee the most efficient powertrain solution meeting the initial expectations and the national and international regulations.